It All Begins with a Stellar Website

We know, you get a zillion emails a week about SEO and your online presence.  Some of them tell you that google can’t find you and others point out places where they think your digital footprint is going a bit sideways. Most of them seem a little shifty and all of them are unsolicited.

We do things differently.  We don’t believe in hard selling search engine optimization to you, and we’re certain you shouldn’t even entertain the idea until you have a kick-ass website to drive traffic to.

This is why most of our Digital Marketing packages take place after we build you a website that you absolutely fall in love with. It’s not a prerequisite, we’ll totally help you with your existing site, but doing your website first allows us to get to know each other and develop a marketing strategy together, while we build something to drive traffic to.

However we reach each other for your digital marketing package, we offer a fully integrative approach.  We aren’t just an SEO, so your packages involve beautiful graphics for social, comprehensive social & digital strategies.  They often even involve print and traditional marketing to boot, which really helps to get your business chugging along.

Let’s talk and tailor a package to fit your needs.

Digital Marketing Services

When you take us home with you, you’re getting more than just pretty faces.  We’ll work with you to create a strategy that suits your needs.  If it’s to focus on your social or help you build email marketing campaigns that rock, we can help you through it.  In some of our largest packages, we offer a little bit of everything – from ongoing website design and maintenance to print materials on demand, search engine optimization, a little bit of virtual assistance and content marketing on the site.  We become as good or better than an in house marketing team, without the overhead.

Whatever you want to focus on, we’re here to help.

Search Engine Optimization is critical if you’re going to survive in the digital world.  We’ll work to get your content visible in search engines, measure your progress and report back to you at the end of each month with usable statistics.  We provide both onsite and offsite SEO services, as well as content marketing, which can really help you boost your rankings.

We also offer Search Engine Marketing, which is a fancy way of saying we’ll help you get the most from your paid ads.  While they aren’t the best long term solution a paid ad campaign can drive the right amount of customers, exactly where you want them.

Ah, social media.  It’s complicated, confusing and often times a little too much to juggle.  Lucky for you – we love it!  We’ll help you define your goals, and create a plan to help you reach them.  From there, we can take over your channels, keep them updated and keep the traffic flowing.

If you have a larger site or an interactive site or if your business is just that cool, sometimes you’ll need ongoing maintenance.  We offer retainer packages that keep us on call to keep things updated and running along smoothly, wherever you need it.

A digital strategy means nothing without content marketing.  “What is this fabled content thingy…” you ask?  It basically means we blog for you.  Search engines love new content.  What they love more is content that’s as useful for your readers as it is to the search engine itself.  We work to find the right words to use, make sure the content is engaging and beautiful and share it with the world.  What’s not to love when we explain content marketing like that?

How Does a Digital Marketing Package Work?

We know that digital marketing can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to. With all our years in the field, we’ve worked out a system to get you exactly what you need, the way you need it. This handy little graphic below should help you understand the process a bit better.  Most of our packages are custom designed for each client and operate on an ongoing monthly basis. Get in touch for a free consultation and quote.

  • Free Consultation

    Prepare for Ear Sweat. We’ll have a chat and work together to determine what you need and the budget you have to work with.

  • Strategy

    After our chat, we’ll know where you’re going.  We’ll make a detailed plan on how to get there, complete with time frames.

  • Magic Happens

    We’ll tackle the goals and start implementing the strategy we put into place.  You’ll sip coffee and watch it happen.

  • Measure & Track

    At the end of each month you’ll receive a report, outlining what we’ve done and proving you with all of the stats we have.

  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    At the end of each month, we’ll cover what’s happened and adjust our goals for the next month, before we begin.