Cottage Bistro

This might be one of the most entertaining sites to write copy for, to design graphics around and possibly one of the funniest and most fluid brands we’ve ever created.   Cottage Bistro has been renamed every year since it’s inception 3 years ago.  It’s also changed it’s menu and it’s general “vibe” this last year when it opened for the summer, we decided to ramp up the already cheeky voice, poking fun at the fact that “we just couldn’t figure ourselves out”.  We decided to own the ever changing brand instead of ignoring the obvious elephant in the room. The brand strategy worked, which means next year, we already know how to play what should be another interesting summer adventure.

Project Highlights

  • Restaurant Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Menu Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
Design & Development
Makreting Strategy & Consultation
Brand Strategy
Graphic Design

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