A Restaurant Logo

Meet Culinaria Restaurant: Culinaria is a Fine Dining Restaurant, located in Mississauga Ontario.  They’re part of an incredibly special family of businesses including a Culinary College and a Recreational Cooking School.

What We Did: When we first started working with Culinaria, they had their signature “C” already in place.  We knew updating the logo was a must, but there were so many items with the existing logo in place, we needed to do an update slowly and mindfully to prevent overspending on new items.  We made the brand switch by adding the circle around the C to begin with and over time updated the brand to the new logo design you see featured here.

Our Inspiration: We’ve worked with this family of businesses for quite a few years, so our inspiration came from creating cohesive branding between all of their ventures while maintaining and upscale, clean and modern feel to each of the various brands.

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