Product Branding

Meet FineLine Teas: We’ve worked with the FineLine family extensively over the years.  From their photography and videography businesses to their newest family member….Tea.

What We Did: We were familiar with the FineLine brand, having created the logos for their other businesses as well, so when the owner came to us looking for help branding their newest endevour, we jumped at the chance.  The “F” you see depicted in the logo is part of the signature throughout each of their brands, so it was simply a matter of taking that F and turning into something that said “Freaking Delicious Tea”.

Our Inspiration: We wanted the style of their brand to feel rustic, gourmet and high-end, which perfectly reflected their line of teas. To achieve our goal, we turned to more traditional typefaces and a minimal style leaf to create the feel of luxurious tea for their newest product line.

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