T-Shirt Design

Meet GreenRoots Landscaping: GreenRoots Landscaping is a landscape design company that creates breath taking outdoor rooms, masonry projects and so much more! They’re based out of Kennett Square, PA.

What We Did: We first met GR when they came to us with a rickety looking website straight out of the 90’s.  Over the years we’ve worked with them to create online based systems for employee management and customer management, print materials, branding, and of course website development.  In this instance, we created a T-Shirt design for their business so the guys could be turning heads while they worked on various projects.

Our Inspiration: We wanted something that felt modern and interesting.  We needed the guys to be wearing t-shirts that they loved (so they’d wear them) but also that turned heads. We decided to go with a hand-drawn image on the back and a small logo with the website on the front.  Talk about walking billboards!

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