Chef School

Chef School (or more formally, The Culinary Arts School of Ontario) is another part of our favorite culinary family.  This is their pride a joy – a culinary career college.

This boutique style college is an amazing place to walk into.  Students from all walks of life work together in their dedicated kitchen, learning, laughing and most importantly – making incredibly delicious food (although they really should share more).   Like all of the businesses in their culinary empire, we handle all of the marketing from website design and redesign, to SEO and social media, to print design and advertising and everything in between.  The only thing we haven’t done is their logo, which they came to us with many years ago.

The chef school website (for this redesign) presented an interesting problem.  We wanted to be able to market independently to domestic students and international, with different messages and different information.  We eventually decided to create what’s called a “door mat”.  When you enter the site, the page will scroll away, prompting  you to choose the version that suits your needs.  That allowed us to create pages that were highly relevant to the viewer, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Project Highlights

  • Complex Form & Application Design
  • eCommerce Application Forms
  • Targeted Viewer Experience
  • Traffic Funnels
  • Responsive Web Development
  • SEO & Social Media Management
Design & Development
Makreting Strategy & Consultation
Advanced Contact Forms
User Experience and User Interfact (UX/UI)

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